Alexandria Living Magazine

From retail and restaurants to tech and media, contractors to coworking spaces, large, small, and everything in between, a diverse array of businesses call Alexandria home. In our blog series, Growing in Alexandria, we sit down to talk with businesses around the City to learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they love it here. Have an idea for a business in Alexandria to talk to? Email us!

This week, we sat down with Mary Ann Barton, Editor, and Beth Lawton, Publisher, of Alexandria Living Magazine, an Alexandria-based lifestyle magazine and website. We enjoyed speaking with this dynamic duo to learn more!

AEDP: Can you tell us a little about your business and what you do? 

Mary Ann and Beth: We started out as a magazine company — in print, in addition to a website with daily original reporting, email newsletters and more — but we’re evolving very quickly beyond that. We’re starting to host events, including the Alexandria Wedding Showcase, virtual wine tastings and other fun community-focused happenings. 

AEDP: Nice! Can you just tell us a little bit about how you started Alexandria Living? 

Mary Ann and Beth: So, Mary Ann was looking around wondering why Alexandria did not have its own lifestyle magazine. Bethesda and Arlington did, so we kind of looked at each other and thought why not Alexandria?  In 2017, we formed the LLC and then we launched the website in January of 2018 and the print magazine launched in September of 2018. We have also worked together previously when we launched Patch. Com; when it was owned by AOL. 

AEDP: I know you have done some work with Monte Durham; can you talk about that a bit?

Mary Ann and Beth: Yes! We have a really good relationship with him through the magazine. He is a lot of fun and is very open to talking about his different projects that he is working on. Our readers always love hearing about what he is cooking up next.  

AEDP: What is your favorite thing about being located in Alexandria and what do you love about running your business here? 

Mary Ann and Beth: Well for one thing, we get to have an office right at the waterfront, inside ALX community. It is a good place to meet people to do interviews. Alexandria has been home for us for so long. We really like the area and all it has to offer like the people and the community. It has a very small, big town kind of feel and it’s super easy to make connections. It’s just a beautiful place! 

AEDP: Finally, can you tell us why you decided to locate in Alexandria? 

Mary Ann and Beth: Alexandria is a great place for small businesses. The business community is robust and that has been a huge benefit for us. There are so many stories to tell here, between the history and the people. There is just a lot to delve into here!

To learn more about Alexandria Living Magazine, visit their website.