From data nerds to policy wonks and everything in between, Alexandria has access to a region full of superb talent. Alexandria is one the most educated cities in the country, with over 62% of residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, and our region has some of the greatest concentrations of tech, business, and legal talent in the U.S. 

Many of the nation’s top colleges and universities are within a 4-hour drive of Alexandria, and recent state and local investments in our talent pipeline will only strengthen our competitive position. An investment in Alexandria is an investment in your long-term success because here you will find the right people to move your organization forward.

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Alexandria is one of the most educated cities in the U.S., with 62% of the population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.


Robust development in Alexandria means a growing labor force to support your long-term growth.


Uncle Sam isn’t the only game in town. Alexandria’s highest levels of employment is in professional, scientific, and technical services industries.


Alexandria has a growing population to support your organization’s growth. Today, 37.5% of Alexandria’s population falls within 20-39 years of age, with the largest concentration being 30-34 years old, thanks to the 6,000+ new multi-family units constructed in the past 10 years. The development pipeline includes an additional 8,300 housing units to come online by 2030, so we will have the people to support your long-term investment in Alexandria.


Virginia Tech’s plan to build a $1 billion Innovation Campus in Potomac Yard will attract world-class talent to Alexandria. At scale, the campus will graduate 750 master’s students annually with hundreds of undergrad students visiting each semester. For companies seeking next level talent, in Alexandria it is literally just around the corner.