Mark-Woods Construction

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Marks-Woods Construction Services, LLC is an Alexandria-based construction company that offers expertise, an enjoyable customer experience, and a stunning end result to its clients. We had a conversation with them to discover more.

AEDP: Can you tell us a little about your company?

MW: Marks-Woods Construction Services is a design-build firm located in historic Alexandria. We strive to be the area’s go-to, one-stop shop for builds, remodels, and renovations. Our emphasis on client experience and collaboration sets us apart. Marks-Woods wants to help the homeowners of Alexandria ‘Envision, Design, Construct’ the homes they’ve always dreamed of!  

AEDP: Ok, what is the most rewarding aspect of running the business?

MW: When we first meet with clients, they are frustrated or unhappy with an aspect of their home and often nervous about turning their home into a construction site. We work very hard to keep the process of renovating a home exciting and eliminate as much stress from the process as possible. The idea that we are turning a vision or dream that clients have had for a while into real life is so rewarding. There really is no greater satisfaction than seeing a client’s face light up because their vision has finally become a reality. That is why we love what we do. 

AEDP: What is the next big project or goal you are working on?

MW: Our next move will be to offer the total restoration of homes, tear-down/rebuild services, and to venture into development services. Marks-Woods will begin to acquire, renovate, and build new homes on property both in and surrounding the Alexandria area. Additionally, we are looking to open another Marks-Woods location in the near future. 

AEDP: And how do you measure success?

MW: When we think about the success of Marks-Woods, it really comes down to one question: are our clients thrilled with the end result of our work? If the answer is yes, then we have happy clients who will inevitably recommend us by word of mouth. While we do operate on a strategic marketing strategy, the first reason clients come to choose Marks-Woods is because of excellent testimonials, from past clients. Over time we’ve built a reputation for ourselves that is becoming more and more well known in the community. 

Internally, we measure success by the retention of our employees and overall happiness and positive family environment that Marks-Woods has developed over the years. We sincerely care for each of our employees and aim for them to be just as happy as any client. 

AEDP: How would you describe your company culture at Mark-Woods?

MW: The Marks-Woods work environment is that of a family. Because of our high employee retention rates, both salaried and hourly employees have built up a rapport with one another over time. We always have something going on–whether it’s one of our monthly outings, holiday parties, annual family picnics, or charitable events, the Marks-Woods family spends a lot of time together in both work and recreational settings. It’s important to us that each employee feels a part of our family–we believe that the most meaningful work comes from a place of trust and overall happiness. 

AEDP: Finally, can you tell us why you decided to locate in Alexandria?

MW: Marks-Woods chose Alexandria as its home base for a few reasons. First, we were looking for a place with a distinct community feel; we didn’t want to be lost in the mix of a big city. Alexandria’s small town, historic feel brings a lot of value and depth to a business like Marks-Woods. Another aspect of Alexandria that really attracted us is the very strong “support local” mentality–we love how the citizens really value small businesses. Alexandria’s proximity to DC, Fairfax, and Arlington ensure access to business beyond the small town, which has also been beneficial for us.

To learn more about Mark-Woods Construction, visit their website.