Virtual Industry Cluster – Fitness Studios


Fitness Studios

AEDP continues to look for ways to serve our local businesses. A fellow Alexandria business owner – Marsha Banks-Harold, PIES Fitness Yoga Studio ( – approached AEDP with the suggestion of convening yoga, fitness and dance studios in order to talk about how they can weather the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. AEDP is happy to play this convening role for the first meeting on Thursday, December 10 from 2 -3 pm. 

This will be an opportunity for fitness business owners to talk with each other about challenges, possible solutions and a path forward.


  • Welcome and Introduction 
  • Discussion Questions
    • How has COVID-19 impacted your business?
    • How have you pivoted?
    • What has been your greatest success/challenge since COVID-19?
    • What support are you in need of?
    • How can we collaborate? 
  • Next Steps
    • What would you like to discuss at the next meeting?
  • Thank you and conclusion

While we have done our best to identify and include all fitness and dance studios, we would appreciate you forwarding this information to City of Alexandria businesses that you know and would benefit from this business community and discussion.  Please share this webpage with them, or the direct Zoom link to register.

To register, please contact Marie Spittell, Business Development.