It may still be unknown to some, but Alexandria has an impressive track record when it comes to being the foundation of growing businesses and a thriving center of economic growth. No matter the size of your business or what stage of the process you are in, we have the room to comfortably fit your passion and purpose in our communities.


Our city didn’t just stumble upon success. With years of commitment to our neighborhoods, Alexandria has turned itself into a nationally recognized hotspot for commerce. This type of dedication is something we feel any entrepreneur can relate to and ingrain in their own practices. If you don’t believe us, take a look at some of the awards and accolades the city has been attributed with over the years, including the #4 Best City in America for Millennials in 2017 and #1 Best Downtown in the U.S.


Like most metropolitan hubs, Alexandria hosts an array of diverse submarkets with their own personalities and characteristics, each boasting different advantages when it comes to starting a business. What makes each of these places unique is what can also make or break a business based on the demographics you are looking for in a target audience. Will walkability affect your foot traffic? Are you more geared toward the settled-down homeowner or the ever-mobile renter? What income level will fit your pricing, and will the education levels affect your message? Discover what each has to offer as we have broken the city down into the following areas:

Together, each piece makes up the big picture and creates an experience that is seldom found anywhere else.  Take a look at some of the development already happening in our regions. Starting a business is not something that happens overnight but with proper planning and strategic positioning, you can find yourself already a leg up on the competition. With more inspiration always coming our way, we are ready to make the success of your business our business.