How to Start a Business in Alexandria

When it comes to the process of starting a business, one of the most vital steps entrepreneurs need to consider is where they plan on setting up shop. Location is key as it affects everything from your demographics and competition to operating costs and marketing opportunities – the list goes on! That is why the city of Alexandria wants to make sure everyone has the proper information when it comes time to make such an impactful decision.



Too often, business people make these decisions emotionally and rush to sign a lease without due diligence. Real estate matters are complex, and it behooves us to get expert guidance.


Alexandria Economic Development Partnership should be your first stop. As the city’s economic development program, nobody is more conversant with the area’s real estate than our staff.  Describe your ideal space needs and target market, and we will share our expertise on what types of businesses work best in what neighborhoods and which have synergy with other types of businesses. In addition, we also take the time to discuss how those neighborhoods and businesses – and others you might not have considered – are likely to evolve over time.


Alexandria offers a wide variety of resources for small business owners, whether you are just starting out or looking for help in operating and growing your business. The Alexandria Small Business Development Center, Capitol Post, Bunker Labs DC, and BOOST Business Accelerator all provide individualized, specialized support and strive to provide fast and accurate information to help you make informed business decisions to grow your business in Alexandria.


You can find a list of incentives for starting a business in the city as well as a timeline for these services here or by visiting .


Before investing in a location, you should make sure that the location is ready to invest in you! It’s absolutely vital to make sure the community you choose to settle down in has your back and can provide everything your business needs to be sustainable and grow. The city of Alexandria puts companies in a position to not just live but to thrive.