Meeting Recap Alert: City Council Legislative Meeting February 13, 2018

Recap of City Council Legislative Meeting
held February 13, 2018

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On Tuesday night, the City Council held their regular legislative meeting, where they received a presentation on the 2018 Real Estate Assessments and had a preliminary discussion about FY2019 Planning Priorities. 

Details on the discussion and presentations can be found online and below.

Item2018 Real Estate Assessments
Action: None – received the information
Next Steps: Assessments ‘went live’ on the City website this morning
Description: Real Estate assessments have the single largest impact on the City’s annual budget, as taxes collected based on these assessments represent approximately 60% of the City’s annual revenue. The City’s full presentation is available online.
Details & Issues of Interest:

– Total assessed value in the City- $39.9 billion

– Overall increase of 2.35%

– All residential types: +3.4%

– All commercial types: +0.93%

– $299M increase is attributable to new development, including Woodbine Memory Care Center, The Thornton on S Washington Street, Edens & Gables Old Town North and the National Industries for the Blind office building at Potomac Yard.


Item: FY 2019 Interdepartmental Long-Range Planning Work Program
Action: Adoption scheduled for May 2018
Next Steps: The Planning Commission and City Council will receive a final version of the work program in May for vote of approval
Description: Every year, City Council and staff discuss which planning work priorities should be established for the next fiscal year and beyond, and to inform development of the City Manager’s Proposed Operating Budget, as many plans require additional resources. Full presentation & draft work program is available online. 
Details & Issues of Interest:

– New additions proposed for FY2019:

Landmark Mall Site Re-Planning

Joint City-Schools Facilities Master Plan

Transit Vision Study

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Initiative

Parking Meter Locations and Pricing

– Timing adjustments to FY2018 adopted work program:

Route 1 South Housing Affordability Strategy (complete sooner than expected)

Eisenhower East Phase 2 (dependent on completion of other plans, and pre-work studies)

Mount Vernon Avenue Pedestrian Safety Improvements & Plan Update (dependent on completion of other plans, need to define scope)


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