Holiday Pop-ups are Smart Business


The Holiday Season is known for being the busiest and biggest time of year for retailers of all sizes, both in brick-and-mortar stores and online. In order to make the most out of this financially lucrative time it is important to plan ahead and start as soon as possible, or right now! For ecommerce sites, small start-ups, and locally owned business a good way to get ahead is through using pop-up shops. Opening a pop-up shop will allow your ecommerce store to have a physical presence, and if you’re a small or new business pop-ups provide much needed exposure to gain attraction.

Reasons to Invest in Pop-Ups

This past holiday season, retail sales in-store “grew at 4.3%, more than 2 percentage points higher than last year” (Bain & Company). As for this upcoming holiday season, it’s predicted that ecommerce sales will increase by 15.5% which equals about $16.11 billion dollars more than last year (Internet Retailer). Clearly those sales are something you do not want to miss out on! But it all comes down to whether or not you are willing to invest a little bit of money ahead of time in order to see a great ROI down the road.


Pop-ups are a smart and easy way to get your brand and products in the hands of holiday shoppers. Rather than wasting time and effort in promotional marketing mailers or ads, do something hands-on that utilizes the tools you already have. By having current employees help with your pop-up you can ensure that your great products are being sold to your customers in an effective and knowledgeable way! Hosting a pop-up also allows you to provide your customers with special holiday offers such as free gift wrapping, gift bundles, customization, and access to an even larger range of products specifically tailored to the holiday season.

Plan your Pop-Up Today

As holiday shopping seems to be starting earlier every year, the most important thing is to start planning now, and place yourself ahead of other retailers! Reach out to our team or visit and get your applications filled out as soon as possible! Let us help you have a successful and happy holiday season.