For work and play to be balanced, a city needs to provide not just amenities for residents, but also services and opportunities for businesses. Alexandria shines in that respect. The city is home to every type of company and institution—from startups and federal agencies to respected creative and technology firms.

That’s no surprise; after all, the city is extremely convenient to both the Beltway and four Metro stations in walkable, urban neighborhoods. This convenience is even more exciting given the city’s vision surrounding some of those stations, a topic we will talk more about in an upcoming post. Companies in Alexandria are connected not just to the D.C. region, but also to the entire East Coast. They’re one Metro stop or two driving miles from Reagan National Airport, and other convenient transportation networks include Amtrak, water taxies, Capital Bikeshare and bus-rapid transit (BRT) lines.

No wonder, then, that Alexandria boasts an enviable workforce—one that includes millennial and executive talent. Sixty percent of the city’s population has at least a bachelor’s degree, and half of those degrees are in a field related to science or engineering. This workforce is readily available to all positions in growing business sectors, such as IT, cybersecurity and business services.

It’s also worth noting that 17 Fortune 500 Companies are headquartered in the Washington, D.C. region, most of which are in Northern Virginia. Alexandria is home to the main campus of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the National Science Foundation moved its headquarters to Alexandria in 2017. The city is also surrounded by the nation’s capital and five nationally recognized research universities. Alexandria has a young, educated workforce that is staying put for the jobs in the region. As a result, there are countless growth opportunities for companies seeking this talent.