Local Tech Startups Represent NOVA at the 2019 Collision Conference

This year, Collision, the fastest growing tech conference in the nation, will take place in Toronto from May 20-23. The same team behind Web Summit plans to bring together CEO’s of fast-growing startups and representatives from some of the largest technology companies. In its 5th year, Collision will host 25,000 attendees and over 120 countries will be present.


Being recognized as hubs for tech talent, the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP) and Arlington Economic Development (AED) teamed up to give a handful of Alexandria- and Arlington-based startups the chance to showcase their innovative services and reach a national audience at the Collision conference. Below is a list of the featured startups chosen by NOVA Goes North who will be representing Alexandria’s emerging talent in breakthrough technology.


BCMstrategy, Inc.



BCMstrategy, Inc. builds automated predictive analytics tools to measure and analyze geopolitical and policy risks. By automating the analytical process, BCMstrategy, Inc. tames information overload to help people make smarter strategic decisions.







Explanation Kids


Explanation Kids is a web-based application and media platform that offers teachers and parents the tools to provide thoughtful and age-appropriate responses to kids’ tough questions about issues in our country. The goal is to be able to talk about complex worldly topics with students both in and out of the classroom in an entertaining yet informational way.





HealthFlow aggregates and processes data from the various sources inpatient care to support patient-driven data transparency and empower patients to become more engaged and take ownership of their own healthcare to improve outcomes.





Huddle enables teachers to give students personal attention and effective feedback through individualized instruction and helpful tools to work through complexities in teaching and learning, thus being able to celebrate every student’s success.





NOVI is developing the next generation of advanced spacecraft. By offering highly-integrated hardware and geo-analytics platforms, NOVI aims to reduce the amount of capital needed for spacecraft deployment in an emerging new space industry.



Oplign, LLC

Image result for oplign

Oplign is an AI-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) company that automates the alignment of people and jobs, with a special emphasis on aligning Veterans and Military Spouses to the right opportunities in the marketplace.




SmartBridge Health

SmartBridge Health

SmartBridge Health collects and reviews medical information to create a bridge between cancer patients and oncologists who can provide expert opinions that will help to optimize the cancer treatment plans of every patient in an accessible and affordable way.



The companies joining NOVA at Collision were evaluated based on their current status, future needs, and potential impact on the region. We’re excited to see these local startups represent Alexandria and Arlington at North America’s fastest growing tech conference!