December 27, 2019

Growing in ALX: Featuring Mahandru Associates

From retail and restaurants to tech and media, contractors to coworking spaces, large, small, and everything in between, a diverse array of businesses call Alexandria home. In our blog series, Growing in Alexandria, we sit down to talk with businesses around the City to learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they love it here. Have an idea for a business in Alexandria to talk to? Email us!


Our last blog post of 2019- closing out an entire decade! Hard to believe, but for this last post we sat down with Raheel Sheikh, Managing Director of Mahandru Associates. Located in Alexandria’s West End, Mahandru Associates is a multinational conglomerate, with global reach and business roots stretching back half a decade, engaged relentlessly in providing a constant advisory and management service.


AEDP: To get us started, can you please tell us a little about Mahandru Associates?


Raheel: Mahandru Associates offers bespoke service experience, rich in Business Management & Consultancy, which simplifies complexity and is supported and sustained by long-term relationship by our valuable clients.


Mahandru Associates is committed to provide a fusion of innovative and fully integrated industry-focused business consultancy, state-of-the-art technology, tools, seasoned and sophisticated methods tailored to actively satisfy the corporate expectations of connoisseurs in the most creative way and help business entrepreneurs improve their business portfolio, processes and performances.


AEDP: How did you get started?


Raheel: After serving two of the most prestigious international banks, I developed the aspiration to start my entrepreneurial journey back in 2012. From that time I am relentlessly engaged in helping individuals and businesses to grow and expand their business portfolio and providing them an ease in managing their business portfolio and international expansions.


AEDP: Running a business is tough work- what would you say is the biggest challenge?

Raheel: Business is a challenge in itself and managing a business requires a lot of passion, dedication, focus and momentum. Running a successful business requires a lot of planning and this is the biggest space where many businesses fail just because they simply overlook it.


AEDP: Success can be measured in so many ways – profits, impact, number of clients… the list goes on. How do you measure success at Mahandru?


Raheel: I measure the success as the level of satisfaction. It depends on individuals on what level they get contended and satisfied. My appetite for the success is to provide achieve my client’s satisfaction and provide them a guideline and platform which leads them on the journey of success.

AEDP: Finally, what’s the most rewarding aspect of running your business?


Raheel: While businesses are considered risky and challenging, at the same time biggest reward of the business is the growth potential in every aspect. Businesses provide a ground and basis where individuals can build up their empire as per individuals objectives.


To learn more about Mahandru Associates, please visit their website or their location at 2000 Duke St., Level 3, Alexandria.