November 1, 2019

Growing in ALX: Featuring Aslin Beer Co.

From retail and restaurants to tech and media, contractors to coworking spaces, large, small, and everything in between, a diverse array of businesses call Alexandria home. In our blog series, Growing in Alexandria, we sit down to talk with businesses around the City to learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they love it here. Have an idea for a business in Alexandria to talk to? Email us!


“We’re thinking of expanding to Alexandria,” said the Aslin Beer Co. founders, and our ears perked up a bit. Several members of the AEDP staff worked with the Aslin crew as they opened a brewing and tasting facility in the Eisenhower Valley, so we made our way over to talk some shop for the November edition. Spoiler alert: their product is even more delicious than ever. Kai Leszkowicz, Co-Founder, sat down to tell us more about the operation.



AEDP: So, what’s the most rewarding aspect of running Aslin?


Kai: Simply, being able to see the fruits of our team’s hard work in a glass being enjoyed by customers from all over. There is a sense of pride that everyone in our organization feels when a guest is enjoying our beers, the environment and in some semblance engaging in our culture and lifestyle.


AEDP: How would you describe your company culture?


Kai: Describing our company culture is difficult. We embrace the old adage of, “Work Hard, Play Hard,” but with our own twist. We have a fairly intensive interview process that is based on personality and incoming culture so that we have as little issues as possible transitioning new hires into this environment.


AEDP: What’s a fun fact about the company?


Kai: Aslin is our wives maiden name. They are the reason Andrew (Aslin Co-Founder) and I know each other and were able to get this business to the place it is today. Their support and encouragement have helped keep the train on track and naming the business after them just seemed natural.


AEDP: Do you all have a favorite charity you like to support?


Kai: We love Wade’s Army. This is a charity a specific focus on neuroblastoma research, development, outreach and support. A few of our early patrons, who have grown to be some of our best friends, have a deep connection with this charity. Once we were introduced to the founding family, we became connected! We knew that the people organizing and operating Wade’s Army were absolutely the kind of people we wanted to align with.


AEDP: Lastly… the must-know: why Alexandria?


Kai: It sounds easy to say that “We decided on Alexandria,” but the reality is Alexandria decided on us. We were so warmly received by the City and the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, that there was no way we would have not chosen to be located here. We felt so much reception for our ideas, and even reciprocation for our thoughts on growth plans, that it felt imperative to be engaged with the City of Alexandria.


To learn more about Aslin Beer Co., visit their website or stop by their Alexandria tap room and brewery at 847 South Pickett Street.