October 10, 2018

Meeting Recap Alert – City Council Legislative Meeting October 9th, 2018

Recap of City Council Legislative Meeting

held October 9, 2018

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Last night, the Alexandria City Council held their regular legislative meeting, where they considered a Lease Extension Between the City of Alexandria and Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority (“NOVA Parks”) for the use of the Cameron Run Park Property, the Framework for WMATA 2019 Shutdown and a King Street Initiative Oral Update.

Details on these items can be found below:

Item: Consideration of a Lease Extension Between the City of Alexandria and Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority (“NOVA Parks”) for the use of the Cameron Run Park Property.
Action: Unanimous vote to receive the staff recommendation and schedule for public hearing
Next Steps: Public hearing on Saturday, October 13, 2018, after which Council will vote to authorize the City Manager to execute the Lease Agreement
Description: Following a request for a 20 year lease extension from the current operator of Cameron Run Regional Park, NOVA Parks, a number of meetings and public hearings were held to receive input. Ultimately, City Council deferred action and directed staff to develop a planning process, to consider alternative uses at the park, and to bring the issue of the future status of the Cameron Run park back to Council for consideration.
Details & Issues of Interest:

– Term Sheet for the Cameron Run Lease Extension
– Amendments to existing lease terms:

– Reduce current lease area to 14.59 acres (parking areas and shelters, batting cage, play structure, mini-golf and aquatics facility
– Removes Lake Cook, Lake Cook Park and Ward’s Woods- City will take on enhancement and improvement responsibility:

– Lake Cook Park through the Pocket Park planning process
– New trail installation and interpretive signage at Ward’s Woods

– Extends lease from current expiration (7/1/21) to 12/31/28, or a 7.5 year extension pending Program Enhancements & Site Improvements, to include:

– Winter Village- will activate site mid-November through January with uses like ice skating rink, winter themed lights, games and activities
– Community Aquatics- learn to swim program, dedicated lap swimming
– Parking lot enhancements to allow for off-season activities like a small-pitch facility or mini-turf field

– If NOVA Parks does not complete these Enhancements & Improvements, the lease will end on June 30, 2021
– Allows both parties to pursue short-term lease extension or long-term lease replacement prior to 2028 expiration

Item: Framework for WMATA 2019 Shutdown
Action: None- Council received an oral update
Next Steps: See timeline

Description: In the summer of 2019, the entire Metro lines Blue & Yellow line from National Airport south will be shut down to allow for station platform reconstruction and upgrades, displacing 21,000 commuters from or through Alexandria on MetroRail during each AM and PM Peak.
Details & Issues of Interest:

– Preliminary ideas for discussion over the coming months:

– Pop-up bus lanes
– Enhanced shuttles
– Free CaBi
– Telework
– Transit headway improvements
– Bike trains
– Articulated buses
– Traffic signal adjustments
– More bike racks
– Temporary wayfinding
– Flextime
– Ambassadors and street teams
– On-street parking changes
– Adjusting construction schedules

– WMATA’s preliminary plans- run 4 shuttles during the shutdown

◦ 3 will operate within Alexandria
◦ DASH to operate Shuttle #4 (Yellow Line)
◦ Funded through WMATA Capital program

Item: King Street Initiative Oral Update
Action: None- Council received an oral update
Next Steps: None
Description: FY2019 budget included investment in King Street Retail Corridor in partnership with Visit Alexandria’s Portside in Old Town- to improve day-to-day appearance of King Street, support special events and create a destination.
Details & Issues of Interest:

– 2 additional street team FTEs
– Enhanced level of service:

– Additional public space trash and recycling can service
– Daily sidewalk mechanical sweeping
– Heightened visibility of team
– Technology enhancements to allow for mobile request reporting (ex. Sidewalk/signage)

– Extended hours of service:

– 7 days a week
– 4am-10pm
– Overnight sweeping as needed

– New specialized equipment:

– Mechanical sidewalk sweeper
– Electric (quieter) blowers
– Electric service vehicles
– Additional street sweeper- better fit for Old Town streets and alleys

Land use items we are tracking in October:
– Development SUP & related approvals for the conversion of 699 Prince Street and 114 South Washington Street into a boutique hotel

– Rezoning of 1, 11, 44, 66 and 99 Canal Center Plaza

– Development SUP for the Parker-Gray Stadium Modernization at T.C. Williams High School

– Master Plan Amendment & CDD Amendment for 2000 North Beauregard Street residential building

Land use items we are tracking in November:
– Eisenhower West/Landmark Van Dorn Developer Contribution Policy

– Consolidation of Old and Historic District and Parker-Gray District Boards of Architecture to create the Alexandria Board of Architectural Review

Weigh in on these issues!

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Contact the City Council – Call.Click.Connect.